• Helue Shalash, OwnerHelue Shalash - Owner

    Helue has been in the beauty industry since 1999. As owner of BaK 4 More Studio, her main goal is to... (read more)

  • Christy Andrews, Redken Specialist / Body Waxing ProfessionalChristy Andrews - Redken Specialist / Body Waxing Professional

    Christy is a recent graduate of The Salon Professional Academy. While in school, she received... (read more)

  • Tiffany Arredondo-Fryman, Master Stylist/Body Waxing Professional (Independent Contractor)Tiffany Arredondo-Fryman - Master Stylist/Body Waxing Professional (Independent Contractor)

    Tiffany is a highly talented stylist who has been in the industry since 2006. Her talents range from... (read more)

  • Rachel Cintron, Massage TherapistRachel Cintron - Massage Therapist

    Rachel began her career at BaK 4 More Studio in May 2014. She has been a licensed massage... (read more)

  • Beth Daugherty, Redken Specialist / Skin Care & Body Wax ProfessionalBeth Daugherty - Redken Specialist / Skin Care & Body Wax Professional

    Beth has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008. She graduated top of her class from The Salon... (read more)

  • Ali Doyne, Redken Specialist / Nail Professional / MentorAli Doyne - Redken Specialist / Nail Professional / Mentor

    In her years of adolescence, Ali always had an extreme passion for hair so she decided to make it... (read more)

  • Sara Flannery, Apprentice / Nail SpecialistSara Flannery - Apprentice / Nail Specialist

    Sara is an Apprentice / Nail Specialist at our salon. She is currently working under Redken... (read more)

  • Ashley Frankel, Redken Specialist / Nail Professional / MentorAshley Frankel - Redken Specialist / Nail Professional / Mentor

    Ashley has been with BaK 4 More Studio since 2010 and basis her skills on the importance of... (read more)

  • Kayla Johnson, Master Stylist / Body Waxing ProfessionalKayla Johnson - Master Stylist / Body Waxing Professional

    Kayla started her journey in the beauty industry in 2010. Since then she has gone through advanced... (read more)

  • Jackie Mashni, Stylist / Make-Up & Nail ProfessionalJackie Mashni - Stylist / Make-Up & Nail Professional

    Jackie is a Stylist / Make-Up & Nail Professional at our salon.

  • Katie Noel, Redken Specialist / Skin Care Professional / MentorKatie Noel - Redken Specialist / Skin Care Professional / Mentor

    Katie started her career in 2010 and has grown into an accomplished hair designer and colorist after... (read more)

  • Jamie Piedad, Apprentice / Nail SpecialistJamie Piedad - Apprentice / Nail Specialist

    Jamie is originally from Campbellsville, KY but considers Lexington home since 1994. He attended The... (read more)

  • Summer Shalash, Front Desk CoordinatorSummer Shalash - Front Desk Coordinator

    Summer is currently a college student and is pursuing a business degree. She has been a front desk... (read more)

  • Toshia Snowden, Master Stylist / Nail SpecialistToshia Snowden - Master Stylist / Nail Specialist

    Toshia is a Master Stylist / Nail Specialist at our salon. She attended The Salon Professional... (read more)

  • Kelsey Wellman, Apprentice / Nail SpecialistKelsey Wellman - Apprentice / Nail Specialist

    Kelsey is an Apprentice / Nail Specialist at our salon.

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